How do I book travel?

  • All air travel will be booked using Concur, Western Digital’s online booking portal or your countries specific booking tool. For U.S. employees:
    • Start the Concur portal -
    • You will start your booking using the trip search on the left side bar
    • You will enter your travel parameters and continue through the booking process

How do I request a letter to apply for my travel visa?

  • You will request your letter to apply for a travel visa through ServiceNow. Make sure you are connected to the VPN and have your passport information available.
  • If you are unable to request a letter through ServiceNow, please email with the following information: Full Name (as shown on passport), Passport Number, Passport Expiration Date, and Passport Issuing Country

How do I book my hotel accommodation?

  • You will be asked your arrival and departure dates during the registration process. Once you have completed the registration you will be confirmed for lodging with the information provided.
  • Specific regions and countries are approved to arrive on April 6th. Refer to the registration travel page for approved countries.
  • Pre/Post Extensions at Cosmopolitan Hotel - Group rates for personal extensions may be requested during registration and confirmed based upon hotel availability. To make the request, please enter the dates needed in the "Hotel Comments," and the Western Digital Registration Team will research availability and assist in booking these additional nights on your behalf.  Please do not contact the hotel directly. 

When do I need to arrive?

  • Please plan to arrive by 1:00pm on April 7th and depart  on April 10th. See above for specific regions and countries.

Do I have to pay for my accommodations?

  • Western Digital will cover the cost for your stay on April 7th, 8th and 9th.
  • For those specific regions and countries Western Digital will cover the cost for your stay on April 6th
  • You will be required to submit a credit card at the hotel for incidentals as those will not be paid nor reimbursed.

Can I extend my stay?

  • Western Digital will only cover room and tax during the dates of the event. If you desire to extend your stay you will need to make a separate reservation.

What is the Global Sales Meeting code of conduct?

  • Western Digital expects all Global Sales Meeting participants (attendees, staff, speakers, etc.) to behave in such a way as to create a safe, supportive learning environment while at the conference, and any conference related events. Western Digital will not tolerate any form of harassment or offensive speech or behavior, including any relating to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. Participants engaging in behavior deemed by Western Digital as discriminatory or offensive will be asked to leave the conference or related event immediately. Anyone witnessing such behavior is encouraged to contact a Western Digital – Global Sales Meeting staff member so direct action can be taken.

How can I contact the conference organizers?

What if I require a special accommodation?

  • Seats are reserved in our keynotes and session to accommodate for ADA requirements. ADA transportation will be made available during hours of operation, however, please contact us at prior to the event to arrange this.  Please reach out to us if you have any other needs and we will do our best to accommodate.

What is the Sales Meeting schedule?

  • You can review the event agenda here.

Do you offer special meals that will meet my dietary restrictions?

  • Our menus do manage to food allergies and aversions that impact a great portion of the population.

Can I bring my spouse/partner/family?

  • Global Sales Meeting is a business meeting and you are expected to attend all functions scheduled without exception. No guests are permitted at any of the scheduled meetings or events.


  • Business casual
  • Be sure to check local weather, to help in your planning for attire.



As Western Digital is making every effort to have the team participate in all scheduled events, no team dinners or events should be scheduled during the Global Sales Meeting.  All food will be provided and no expense reports will be approved for outside activities.  If you are approved to arrive earlier, you must adhere to the travel meal maximums for the US. Breakfast $25, Lunch $25 and dinner $50.


Business Class flights are only allowed for VP’s or higher for the Global Sales Meeting