Arrival Guidelines

  • All attendees are required to arrive by June 15th.  The conference will commence at 2:00PM. 

The following regions and countries are approved to arrive by June 14th: 

  • APAC

  • Latin America countries that connect through Miami

  • Middle East

  • Africa

  • India

  • Turkey

  • Russian Federation

  • Ukraine

  • Czech Republic

  • Latvia

  • Pland

Departure Guidelines

  • With increased security measures at airports, it is recommended that you check in at least three hours prior to your international fight departure and two hours before your domestic departure.  You must present your passport (or other form of identification for U.S. travelers) upon airline check-in.  Please make sure your luggage is checked all the way through to your final destination. 


  • Luggage restrictions vary from country to country depending on the carrier.  Please consult the airline for specific luggage restrictions.